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Another Groundhog Day in Greece

The suicide of a pensioner outside the Greek parliament, the latest in a series, sums up the mood of a population confronted with the steady erosion of its rights. Victor Tsilonis wonders whether tomorrow will be just another day in Greece’s “predestined” future. “What if there was no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!” In the […]

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How Modern are Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’?

Abstract: The present study describes the relation between the fordist production system, as presented in the movie ‘Modern Times’, and the Post-Fordist system, as presented and configured during the last quarter of 20th century. In this way, Charlie Chaplin’s work is ascribed the time-enduring quality it deserves. [pp. 117-130]

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Youth Enterpreneurship and Greek Reality

Abstract: Many universities abroad provide a variety of means to their graduates in order to support their career. This support includes even the assignment of a fully equipped office. The young businessman owes merely to utilise the provided assistance and manage within a certain period of time to support his company independently.

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Overtime and Weekend Labour

Abstract: The rest and self-determination time during weekends is protected by the Greek Labour Law and ‘consecrated’ in the social perception. Subsequently, any agreement between the employer and the employee for the compensation of the above legally minimum monthly renumeration with the enacted accessions for provided labour during weekends should be considered as invalid.

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