FINGERPRINTS OF THE DAY: The New Greek Tax on Univeristy Degrees and the Revolution Degree

translated by Nina Ioannidou and George Manadis

There is some news that entered the ‘side lines’; news that was just lost or buried under the daily information we receive. Nevertheless, this news is so important that forces one to wonder about the ‘intellectuals’ of this country – who are they, and according to what criteria they are called such and more importantly how do they act, if they actually do, in order to validate their bright intellectual capacities.

I am referring to the article of ‘Navtemporiki’ published on 25-08 2012 which states that the coalition government of this country is about to tax one million independent professionals according to the number of their degrees (Bachelors, Master degrees, PhDs). The bill introduces a novel ‘proof’ section along with the already registered property of luxurious-expensive goods such as a car, a yacht or a Porsche, the possession of University degrees (the more degrees/education one has, the more tax one will pay). The proposed bill proposes that first of all, if it is passed, we will have to fill in the ‘E1’-or a new ‘E’ tax form- the number of our degrees as well as the Institutions respectively; and secondly, the inaccurate statement of the taxpayer’s education will constitute a serious tax-criminal offense. This means that the omission of their accurate statement on the E1 form (?) will be deemed as an indirect concealment of a valid piece of information for the Greek Tax Office, which reveals the current income of the tax payer!

As a result, unemployed or employed part-time Greek citizens with an independent professional status -who had the unfortunate inspiration to continue their studies in tandem – if they receive a degree during the economic crisis, this will constitute a life-long proof of their income tax and, hence, a permanent financial burden.

Therefore, this new ‘degree tax’ constitutes a second international originality of the Finance Ministry –after the so-called ‘professional’  tax, according to which every professional is required to pay 500 euros annually regardless of his/her profession, even if he sells hot dogs at the streets!

Thus, what choices the young Greeks are left with? Their only hope is to escape from this country and look for employment in England, Germany, Australia, Somalia or even Congo, after watching the movie Shawshank Redemption for inspiration and psychological support.

Undoubtedly, in a state with rudimentary educated citizens, such degree taxing measures, which impliedly punish the citizens’ level of activity and thinking, should constitute a legal framework for revolution. However, the Greek society does not seem to be one of them. Hence, the most probable outcome for Greece will be the following: a vast and empty square full of political ‘drug-addicts’ – those who are responsible for the degradation of our country in the first place – who with their entourage will find it easier to manipulate and misinform the senior citizens left in Greece.

This ensues from the state’s application of the ‘Shock Dogma’, as well as from its understanding that we are the ‘sugar pill’ generation; a generation mummified by the genetically modified nonsense of Monsanto, as well as a scared and living-abroad generation.

And since they are certain that the Greek society is inadequate to revolt, they seriously consider barring from the tax form the degree of the Revolution Institute. Not because this degree is still not officially certified. But mainly because the scientists and the instructors of today’s global power believe that none of the few accepted Greek students will be able to finish their [Revolution] degree.

What do you think?

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