The Right to Employment (and the World of Employment) before the Firing Squad

In the beginning of May 2011, I found myself standing on the last floor of the Society for Macedonian Studies building, across the White Tower in Thessaloniki, and went out to the balcony. It was spring weather and I was watching from high above the traffic down at the street, where one can get irritated by everything that’s happening and feel anxious when is there.

However, while I was gazing from that height –where not even the traffic noise can reach me– at the sea, the sky and the White Tower, I felt there is no need to be irritated or anxious, because one has the illusion that everything is better from up there with the wind, the sun, the sea and the view.

And after finishing my job there, I went back at the street, where I faced reality and realized the illusion itself.

I think that’s what happens to people who watch things from balconies, from high above. They design map exercises, which don’t concern them but the others –the ones down at the street- and feel that everything happening in this country is not that scary after all. However, this applies only to those people and anyone else standing on the balcony, high above, from where the others down at the street look like ants.

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