The Crisis of Crises

Crisis is an island in the middle of the ocean. In the B.C. Era, Crisis did not exist, since it was a part of the continent of Prosperity, where the countries of Economy and Morality are located today.

The current area of Crisis used to be the most developed and the most privileged region of the continent. With its fertile body covered with a variegated dress of rich crop fibers, the dense forests and the rushing rivers falling on its back, Crisis stood proudly in front of the sea gazing at the distant horizon.

The Prosperity’s inhabitants were called “All” and they were all equal to each other. Their official language was the “public interest” and their life was organized in communal groups. The country’s economy was based on the employment of all people, whose wages depended on their abilities and noone was entitled to a permanent job in any employment sector. Prosperity’s political system was “social democracy”. The political parties had been replaced by exclamation marks and the most capable of All were in power. Furthermore, All were obligated to participate in public affairs in whatever way they could. Everyone obeyed every letter of the law, since the punishment was certain for any offender. All used to pay taxes commensurate with their income, contributing this way to the completion of projects for the common interest. Prosperity’s agriculture was mainly based on the cultivation of meritocracy, which everyone used to devour every morning with milk and cereals in a transparent soup plate. Technology was not particularly developed, the Media were limited, the needs were very few and consequently people were wealthy.

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