Publication of Intellectum 3rd issue (November 2007- March 2008)

On the 14th December 2007, the third issue of the Intellectum Journal was published. Intellectum is freely distributed in central bookshops and other selected areas of Thessaloniki (Moni Lazariston, Mylos club, Ianos bookshop, Emigre, Prigipos, Interni, Zogia, Grand Hotel, etc.) and in public and university libraries all over Greece.

Contents of the third issue

  • Synopseis (Editorial) – Victor Tsilonis
  • The Impact of Greek-Americans on U.S.-Greek Relations – Nicholas Gage
  • Sexual Harassment in the Greek Criminal Law – Elissavet Symeonidou-Kastanidou
  • Archaeology and Prison – Sophia Giovanoglou and Olga Sakali
  • The Value of Memory for Society – Kostas Theologou
  • Interview with Charis Vlavianos: The Fragile Realm of Poetry – by Victor Tsilonis
  • Feminist Politics as Reflexive Citizenship – Charalampos Tsekeris and Nikos Katrivesis
  • Human Before Death: the Negation of Mortality– Ioannis Plexidas
  • Perspectives of Distance Education – Anna Amasoglou
  • How ‘Modern’ are Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’? The Fordist and Post-Fordist Production Model– Kostas Galanopoulos
  • Taxi Trouble– short story by Giorgos Tsarampoulidis

The ‘Assymetric Threat’ of Political Discourse – Diamantis Kryonidis

Παράθυρα Λογοτεχνίας για Νέους

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