Taxi Trouble

Περίληψη: Because of a wrong time management I find myself in the particularly unfortunate position looking urgently for a taxi to take me to the airport. I deserve it.

Mitropoleos str., close to Aristotelous square. The first vacant taxi stops.

-At the airport, please.

-I am not going to the airport.


-Don’t you see, mister? The ‘flag’ is down and I am ready to call the day off.

I talk to myself wondering whether if I make any comments for the flag would it be my fault or the flag’s fault.

The next taxi has an empty seat in the front. The driver slows down and lowers the window a little.

-At the Airport, please.

Without even answering, he accelerates and leaves, while I am showered by a black cloud of fumes. The traffic policeman, with his notebook underarm, is enjoying his walk a few meters away from me carefree.

The next taxi which stops has a vacant seat as well.

-Airport, I say desperately while I am thinking that I would rather hang a little tag on my neck, so that I do not get tired and above all nervous.

The driver does not pay any attention to me, because someone else besides me, yells ‘Mpotsari street’ and thus prefers him.

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