Value of Memory for Society

Περίληψη: Our aim is to focus and enhance the significance of the collective memory related to the identity formation of a society. From its vast thematic, we selected the ‘collective memory’ and introduced photography as its important tool. We linked memory traces to ‘oblivion’ and history science, as a representation of the past. Our paper does not draw final conclusions; on the contrary it is subject to further interdisciplinary inoculations.

Preamble: Individual and Collective Memory

Recollection is the sire of all arts and sciences, among which history as well. Kleio was one of her daughters. The science of reminiscence, the mnemonic, which is ascribed to Simonides of Ceos, constitutes the foundation of the educational process. Aristotle assigned her a privileged position at the fields of thought. He distinguished the conscious from the unconscious memory. Besides, according to ancient Greeks, memory constituted a prerequisite of human thinking.

For the researcher of a society, present or past, memory constitutes an instrument and research field as well, i.e. the means and object of his study. Even individual memory is not merely a personal memory. Memories which structure our identity and provide us with a frame for our thought and action are not only ours· wehave learned, borrowed and, in a way, inherited them from our families, communities and cultural traditions.

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