The Assisted Reproduction: Moral and Legal Analysis (Laws No 3089/02 and 3305/05)

Abstract: During the past few years a swift growth took place concerning the medical methods aiming at the assistance of human reproduction. The whole issue of assisted reproduction, or perhaps more accurately of interventionist insemination, is of unique psychological importance, social meaning and intellectual gravity.

According to the modern reproductive techniques, it is possible to vindicate the expectations of infertile spouses and satisfy the deep need of fatherhood and maternity. This innovation could enhance the cohesion of marital life and increase the feeling of plenitude and completion of the family notion; nonetheless, it gives birth at the same time to novel problems of moral, medical, psychological, legal and social character as a consequence of the mechanization of an eminently personal, deeply sentimental and holy event.

The assisted reproduction constitutes undoubtedly one of the most spectacular achievements of medicine with deep social consequences. The fact of a new human’s birth is greeted with particular admiration, awe and joy but the question of quality of life of himself and his family remains critical.

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