Participation of the Scientific Group Intellectum in the Seminars of Creative Writing in the International Book Fair of Thessaloniki

The members of the Scientific Group Intellectum Diamantis Kryonidis and Victor Tsilonis participated in the seminars of Creative writing, which were organized in Thessaloniki by the British Council during the International Book Fair of Thessaloniki on the 27th and 28th May 2006 in the Conference Centre Nicolaos Germanos.

The seminars took place in Greek by the well-known Scottish writer Paul Johnston, widely known to the Greek public thanks to the detective novels ‘Body Politics’ (2002), ‘The Last Red Death’ (2004) (Sherlock Award for Best Detective Novel of the Year).
Every writer’s dream is to see his work being published. Furthermore, there are many young talented writers who everyday seek useful information and advice to fulfill their dream.

These extremely interesting, one-day seminars attempted to answer questions like: “How one can start writing?, How can one take advantage of his knowledge?” as well as tried to provide useful advice on the plot, the characters, the scenery in novels and short stories.

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