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The Move to Restrict the Death Penalty in International Human Rights Law and Resistance in the American Continent

Victor Tsilonis* From its very beginning the legal systems were imputed with the principle of retributivism. The most ancient form of systematization of laws, the Code of Hammurabi, introduced as its core principle the “law of equivalency”, which is notoriously known as “lex talionis”1. The law of “life for life, eye for eye, tooth for […]

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Human Rights as the Basis of a Multicultural Society

Multicultural society is metaphorically referred to as “the orchestra of the human race” in which every ethnic group is equally valuable tool, preserving its diversity, but nonetheless ready to play in an orchestra, that is to work within a given community or society. It seems therefore quite trivial to say that in every 21st century […]

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The Protected Legal Right in Child Pornography Problems of Confluence

Abstract: The article herein examines the problems of confluence between child pornography and other provisions, which are associated with the issue of the protected legal right. First we have to make a case scenario for the protected legal right on Section 348A Greek Penal Code (GPC). When a crime is committed juvenility is violated, without […]

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The Notion of Profit in Child Pornography

Abstract: With the introduction of law 3064/2002 and Section 348A of the Greek Penal Code (GPC), the legislator attempted to solve the problem of the more and more increasing child pornography, because through the current technological means and especially internet the development of this phenomenon can be facilitated within the limits of crime in cyberspace or […]

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The Sexual Harassment in Greek Criminal Law (Law 3488/2006)

Abstract: The present paper examines the problem of sexual harassment at the workplace. Firstly, it examines the real extent of the problem, then records the way this problem is faced within the European Union and finally analyses sexual harassment as an individual criminal offence according to the Law 3488/2006. The problems of the new law […]

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