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The Right to Employment (and the World of Employment) before the Firing Squad

In the beginning of May 2011, I found myself standing on the last floor of the Society for Macedonian Studies building, across the White Tower in Thessaloniki, and went out to the balcony. It was spring weather and I was watching from high above the traffic down at the street, where one can get irritated […]

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Freedom and Justice now

Abstract: This article presents in a particularly militant way the economic situation of the state and warns of the coming dangers of the Memorandum. It perceives the current predicament in terms of economic occupation and transition of sovereignty to the Troika. It suggests «default» and a series of other more radical measures whose implementation is […]

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The fraud via a personal computer (Section 386A Greek Criminal Code)

Abstract: The great technological developments and public use of internet brought about new ‘intelligent’ forms of economic crime. This article examines, under the prism of new forms of criminality, the distinction and application respectively of the criminal provisions which regulate ‘common’ and ‘electronic’ fraud. The submission of the modern criminality to the proper legal rule […]

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Archaeology and Law: legal aspects in research and management of archaeological remains

Abstract: The present article examines the relation between law and archaeology and refers to critical issues such as the prevention of clandestine excavations and the illegal export of antiquities, the legality of private collections, the protection of antiquities and the right of study and publication of archaeological findings. Contemporaneously, the article criticises the way that […]

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